Top Ten Tips to Grow Your Instagram Following Quickly

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Top Ten Tips to Grow Your Instagram Following Quickly

Learn how to grow your IG followers in no time…

So, you want to grow your Instagram following?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take you on a journey through the top ten tips on growing your Instagram following. If followed diligently and consistently, these proven tactics may help make your Instagram thrive. 

1. Post consistently (at least once per day).

Probably the most important tip on this list, hence its number one. 
Tailwind studied more than 100,000 Instagram profiles in 2017 to understand growth and it was found that profiles that post at least once a day get more likes and gain followers faster than when you post less frequently. To keep it simple the more posts equals more likes, viewer engagement and followers.

2. Try posting videos, going live and keeping up with your story. 

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Even though Instagram started as a photo-sharing app it has grown way beyond that. Surprisingly, the average engagement for videos is growing much faster than the average engagement for photos. NewsWhip, 2017. The number of people and brands using the story format to connect with their audiences has grown. With that shift, 57% of brands believe that stories have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” as part of their social media strategy. When you go live on Instagram it appears right in front of your viewer since 2018.

3. Study and use quality hashtags to grow your Instagram following.

The right hashtags and location tags can truly expose your photo or video to a large and targeted audience. A study by Simply Measured found that posts with both location tags and hashtags get the highest average engagement. Utilizing a tool such as Ritetag is perfect for gauging interest in hashtags on Instagram. You can also simply type your hashtag into the search bar on Instagram. Simply tap the tags and click on each tag to see how many people are using the hashtag. It will also show related popular hashtags. It is best to keep in mind that Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. Although, TrackMaven states that the optimal amount of tags is nine. In other words, hashtags can be your best bet for growing your Instagram following if you use them correctly.

4. Share user-generated content.

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The easiest way to understand user-generated content is to take the best of the best user content from around the web and feature it on your own Instagram. Just be sure to credit the original content creator. Besides growing your following the digital intelligence firm L2 found that user-generated content also increases the likelihood of an Instagram follower becoming a customer.

5. Collaborate with others.

Another way to grow your Instagram following and expand your reach is to collaborate with other influencers. You can do this through sponsorships or partnerships. These connections and collaborations can provide value to your own followers and even reach a new audience. A great option if you have the budget is influencer marketing. A prime example of using this tactic successfully is the Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington. They grew their Instagram following from 850,000 to 2.1 million in one year by sponsoring influencers.

6. Post at your best times to reach your Instagram following.

Now you may think that there is a universal best time to post on Instagram. Instead, each brand has its own best time to post and so does yours! Timelines of a post is one of the major key factors in building your Instagram following. Programs such as can analyze your feed and tell you which times are most likely to get in front of the most viewers. This can be instrumental in reaching the most people per post.

girl using best times to post to grow instagram following

7. Use your Analytics

You may want to use an Instagram analytics tool like Iconosquare or Buffer for Business to find your best time to post using your Instagram data. This is a really fantastic way to learn how your Instagram performs and really grow your Instagram following. Now, once you learn how your Instagram performs you can truly learn what your audience likes. In the Instagram app if you tap on your profile photo then tap on the Instagram Insights (bar chart) scroll down to the “posts” section tap “see more.” Here you will see your top posts sorted by impressions. You can even change the filters accordingly.

8. Engage your Instagram following.

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A tried and true method of growing your following is to engage with your audience by liking or replying to comments on your posts. Even if someone leaves a short or unassuming comment, write back! Audiences like to see that there are people within reach. This helps consumer trust, engagement, and interaction. In turn, your posts may even reach more people.

9. Host contests.

Statistically speaking, contests are a great way to feature your brand. These posts are great for increasing reach on Instagram as set up correctly, additional audiences will be compelled to follow, like, and comment on the contest post.
Contests are a phenomenal way to build brand awareness, and grow your social quickly.

10. Cross-post

growing instagram following tips

Finally, make sure your existing fans know you’re on Instagram through cross-posting. Be sure to share across multiple platforms from Twitter to Tumbler, Facebook, and beyond.

So there you have it! These fantastic tips and tactics may grow your Instagram following. Remember, consistency is key and use those nine golden hashtags to really make your Instagram thrive.

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