We are sure you will enjoy working alongside our team members.

IHP Marketing is a collective of innovative thinkers and dedicated social media experts. We are continuous learners that stay ahead of the game with the latest tools and strategies. We do not just follow trends, we set them while positioning your brand to do the same.


Wondering Who You're Working With?

You’re probably noticing the many digital marketing companies across the web. Deciding,  “Which marketing company should I choose?” can be a little bit daunting. We’re going to tell you a little bit about our story so you can decide if we’re the right marketing team for YOU.

We are full service marketing consultants because we cover all bases with expertise. If you are stuck wondering, “Where can I find content writers?” Or, “How can I get the best SEO ranking?” — these are only a few of the many questions we will answer.

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Our Foundation

There is something that is really important to your team at IHP Marketing…

We are focussed on making active change within the marketing industry and the community. That is why we’re partnering with startups to give voice to meaningful initiatives. It is our goal to support small businesses while contributing to impactful efforts.

We launched our marketing consultancy to carry on the incredible work by Doug Pettigrew of “In House Productions”. Doug was committed to working with companies to foster incentives that would change the marketing landscape. This included environmental initiatives and children’s festivals that still take place today. We wish to honour Doug’s memory by ensuring that IHP Marketing is always contributing to the digital world and community through positive outreach.

Why Choose IHP Marketing



Our experts drive brand awareness through every piece of social media strategy.


We establish consistent branding to position your company as known influencers.

Measurable Results

Watch your social growth through measured analytics to track your results in real time.

Industry Leading Tools

We deploy top industry tools to ensure that your content is always relevant, and ahead of the curve.